Schleich has been exciting since 1935. When they introduced the blue Smurfs in 1965 Schleich became world famous. Today Schleich is one of Germanys biggest toy-producers and international leader in producing realistic animal toys. Their portfolio includes six different theme worlds, with more than 600 individual hand painted figures. Every product is made from raw high-quality material. The different theme worlds cater for the children in different learning and development stages.


At the heart of bayala there live graceful elves and many enchanted beings. Discover a fantastical world of friendship, magic and adventure. Visit the elves, unicorns and magical horses in the fantastical world around the magical elf castle. Immerse yourself in the colourful mermaid world of Meamare and prepare to be enchanted. Join the mermaid Isabell in her royal seashell carriage for a trip along the colourful coral reefs or watch the other mermaids gliding weightlessly through the water on their seahorses.


Small and nimble, big and strong, massive and winged – with dinosaurs in all shapes and sizes, you’ll never be bored again! Discover the primordial giants, from the T rex and kentrosaurus to the raptors. There are enough amazing creatures to satisfy even the most intrepid of explorers. But danger doesn’t only come in the form of meat-eating dinosaurs – there are also volcanoes that could erupt at any moment. Watch out! The skull trap is snapping shut! And just like that, the velociraptor has caught its supper. But it’ll need to make sure its prey doesn’t escape!


From the four worlds of Eldrador, the lava world has managed to get hold of the super weapon. This provides the hot-headed creatures with an evil power that they can use to rule the other worlds of water, stone and ice. Only by seizing the super weapon can the others manage to save their own worlds. But this is not so easy! The weapon is stuck in lava rock deep inside the lava world and is being watched over by the red-hot fire lion! So they can possess this power themselves and put a stop to the lava world, the best and strongest warriors from the water, stone and ice worlds are entering the battle to regain their worlds. A fiery pursuit of the super weapon ignites – and grips all of Eldrador. The frost monster – not generally a fan of hot temperatures – is the first to make it into the depths of the lava temple. Will he manage to knock the fire lion out cold?


Schleich’s Farm World isn’t just home to livestock like cows and pigs, but also to dogs and horses! The Labrador Retriever and her puppy guard the farm while the cat looks in on the chickens and the naughty ducks and goats watch. The tractor and hay conveyor really speed up the work on the farm! The tractor with trailer and front loader helps the farmer with calf on the field and in the stalls. With the hay conveyor with farmer, you can lift fresh haybales up to the hayloft much quicker.

Horse Club

What do horses need for them to feel comfortable and content at the riding centre? Come visit the horses on the paddock, feed them in their stalls, transport them to tournaments in the horse box and then brush them down in the wash area afterwards. There’s never a dull moment at the stable! When they’re not busy saddling up for a ride, the riders tend to their horses: combing and brushing first, followed by their favourite food in their stall.

Wild Life

Trek through the savannah, go on safari and experience thrilling adventures at the big watering hole with the wild lion, zebras and rhinos. Get to know the jungle creatures that live in the dense, tropical rainforest and accompany Ranger Tom and his team as they explore the jungle. Help them uncover the secrets of the CROCO research station! When he goes out on his quad or in the dinghy, Ranger Tom encounters dangerous crocodiles, majestic elephants and orang-utans. His colleague Mary the vet tends to the baby orang-utan until it’s better.


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